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Bitcoin - Generate 0.02 = Get Bitcoin Bitcoin Litecoin Monero DashCoin Ethereum -------------------------- - BTC - 8 days ago

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TheDailyShow TheDailyShow

“Bernie Bernstein” stops by to raise awareness for autism programs and Night of Too Many Stars.… - 6 days ago View More

costareports costareports

The story behind "Bernie Bernstein," @umpire43, and the murky campaign to undermine Roy Moore's accusers. - 6 days ago View More

nytimes nytimes

Bernie Bernstein could not be reached for comment. (Because he's not real.) - 7 days ago View More

Harlan Harlan

These "Bernie Bernstein" robocalls in Alabama are so bad and ridiculous, I bet anything a Democratic group faked th… - 6 days ago View More

willsommer willsommer

Conservative media is picking up the "Bernie Bernstein" hoax robocall about Moore, but running it without the Post'… - 7 days ago View More

EcoSexuality EcoSexuality

He called Al Franken Al Frankenstein to remind the world he's Jewish. He did it 2 days after the Bernie Bernstein robocall. Not an accident - 6 days ago View More

SonnyBunch SonnyBunch

BREAKING: Handwriting expert Bernie Bernstein to examine yearbook Roy Moore alleged to have signed. - 7 days ago View More

laurahelmuth laurahelmuth

What we know about the "Bernie Bernstein" fake @washingtonpost calls. (By the way, we DO have an excellent reporter… - 7 days ago View More

brfreed brfreed

Bernie Bernstein—aka Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard, and Alice Crites—with another jarring story about how Moor… - 7 days ago View More

WesleyLowery WesleyLowery

In Roy Moore’s Senate race, anonymous threats, deceptive texts, alternative facts. Read @mffisher on "Bernie Bernst… - 6 days ago View More

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