Article : Was the Democratic primary rigged?

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Was the Democratic primary rigged?

Was the Democratic primary rig

First, Donna Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, published excerpts of a forthcoming book in which she says that after she took over the Democratic National Committee, she investigated whether Hillary Clinton& s team had ... - Vox - 6 days ago View More

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FoxNews FoxNews

Big Three Networks skip Donna Brazile bombshell that DNC was rigged for Clinton - 16 days ago View More

donnabrazile donnabrazile

Brazile’s Bombshell Isn’t That Hillary Clinton Rigged the Race, But That the Democratic Party Blew It @thedailybeast - 16 days ago View More

axios axios

Donna Brazile now says she "found no evidence" Democratic primary was rigged for Clinton - 15 days ago View More

tribelaw tribelaw

I love Elizabeth but hope she walks this back in light of the actual memo, which was only about the GENERAL election - 16 days ago View More

TuckerCarlson TuckerCarlson TuckerCarlson

ACTUAL SCANDAL: Elizabeth Warren agrees Democratic race was 'rigged' for Clinton - 17 days ago View More

chuckwoolery chuckwoolery chuckwoolery

Flashback: Warren Blasted Trump For Saying The Election Was ‘Rigged’ - 17 days ago View More

joshtpm joshtpm

You probably should have made that more clear in what you published in Politico. The race wasn't rigged. You know t… - 16 days ago View More

peterdaou peterdaou

When Hillary said Russia, Comey, etc. had an impact, pundits mocked her for "deflecting blame." But Team Bernie can say "rigged" no problem. - 15 days ago View More

peterdaou peterdaou

Trump aides meet with Russians and lie about it. MEDIA: Maybe collusion? Donna Brazile misreads a DNC contract. MEDIA: HILLARY RIGGED IT!! - 16 days ago View More

BrittMcHenry BrittMcHenry

Same ppl always pointing out Hillary Clinton won the popular vote now say "move on from 2016. She's not President." Um, she rigged the DNC. - 16 days ago View More

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